Tree Saver and Casing Saver Tacker tool services offer more options and less risks, extending the life cycle of the production trees.
The operations in fracturing, acidization and chemical treatments of up to 15,000 psi damage the production trees.
The high-efficiency wellhead isolation tool is an innovative solution to save time, to reduce costs and risks during high-pressure stimulation treatments.


It is a tool used in stimulation operations with pressure through a surface Christmas Tree.
Its design allows to keep the operation pressure and the pressure of the hydraulic activation of the tool isolated in an independent way.
This tool can be used to operate from tubing 2 ⅜ “ and to casing 7 ⅝ “. 
It works through a hydraulic power unit that is included in the operation. 
It is made of high resistance steel and it can be used in any kind of stimulation that should be operated without taking out the production tree or the wellhead BOP out.

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Tree Saver Model TST1 1002
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Tree Saver Model TST2 1003
BOP Protector Model TSC3 1007
Frac Head Model 2359
Model 2318 Hydraulic Power Unit HPU