Production Packers

The right choice of a Packer
has a considerable impact
on the results of Well Completion.


Our Production Packers are bottom hole tools,
which are used to provide a seal in the pipework
and the casing that will isolate zones or perforations
and will protect the well.


Semi-Permanent Packer Anglerfish®
Packer de Tension PKT3
Packer Tándem TCD3
Large Bore Retrievable Packer PKM4 PA
Retrievable Packer PKM5
Retrievable Packer PKW1 PA
Hydraulic Retrievable Packer PHA2
Hydraulic Retrievable Packer PHA6 PA
Packer Recuperable Hidráulico PTH6 PA


We have a wide variety of tools according to specific conditions and requirements.
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