Fishing Tools

We fulfil all the needs as regards cleaning,
rotation and fishing operations in cased holes.
Our tools are versatile and efficient to remove
and clean waste from the wells.


‣  Conventional and Non-conventional milling products
‣  Stabilizers
‣  Scrappers
‣  Hydraulic and Mechanical Jars
‣  Overshots
‣  Casing knives
‣  Rotary Junk Baskets
‣  Spears
‣  Internal Fishing Spears
‣  Shoes
‣  Washpipes
‣  Drilling Collars


Casing Scraper
Rectificador Watermelon 1320
Impresor de Plomo
Pescador Arpón
Pescador de Cable


We have a wide variety of tools according to specific conditions and requirements.
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