We carry out comprehensive projects, provide products and services for well-abandonment.
For zone isolation or well-abandonment services we carry out the appropriate processes,
with the right human resources and adequate technology.
We have an extensive knowledge of methodologies and technologies as well
as our customers' needs and  government regulations.

This allows us to develop technical, innovative and sustainable solutions that help our customers and providers
while we take care of the well-abandonment with a strict compliance with the Provincial and National laws,
resolutions and regulations protecting the environment.

TACKER provides solutions, selecting the tools that best adapt to the well to get good results
in respect to the costs of the equipment.
We have plugs for zone isolation and for well-abandonment.
We also have cement retainers in cementing operations through tubing, coiled-tubing and drill pipe.

TACKER SRL is registered as a well-abandonment operating company. Provincial Register N° 10. 
Deputy Hydrocarbon and Energy Secretary. Neuquen Province.
In process of registration in the Deputy Hydrocarbon and Mining Secretary, Rio Negro province.