About us

TACKER S.R.L. is an Argentinian company whose core business activity is to provide services, develop products and also to make, rent and sell downhole tools and equipments for the oil, gas and water industry.

It was established in 1992 and its commitment lies in the internal and external satisfaction of needs.  From its beginning, the company has had its own Design and Development department which allows it to be at the forefront of the technology in such a demanding and changing market, as the oil and gas industry is.
In the research for solutions answers to the constant needs related to the development of prototypes and the continuous improvement in quality, in 2001, Tacker has incorporated a high tech machine,  and an equipment and tools assembly workshop.

With this innovation, the company has set for further expansion into new product lines, specifically Completion tools, Liner Hangers, Velocity string Hangers, among others.  In this way, Tacker has expanded towards new international markets with its own headquarters in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala and with operational presence in Africa, Asia and Middle East.


Our Business Activity

Tacker’s business activity is to give specific answers and custom´s solutions, through its products and services, to the permanent demands in the oil, gas and water industries.


Service tools (testing and stimulation) and Completion tools for sale (completion tools).


Water filtering, Work Over and Pulling rigs, equipment leasing, tool manufacturing, special developments and oilfield operations.


Oilfield operating companies and oil/gas services companies.

Design and development technology

Engineering, design and development department.

Manufacturing technology

Automatic Machining workshop and assembly

Service provision technology

Service tools with patented proprietary designs.

Product selling technology

Tools for sale with patented proprietary designs

Services and products distribution technology

Operating bases in the main oil and gas areas in the country and abroad.


Our Vision

To be a leading company in innovation, design, and product and service development for the oil, gas and water global market.

Our mission

To constantly provide solutions to the oil, gas and water industries that exceed our customers’ expectations and needs, through the efficiency of our human, technical and financial resources.

Corporate Policy

Corporate policy

Tacker’s policy regarding innovation and development of new products and services constitutes the answer for the productive sector from the oil, gas and water industries that demand an active contribution.
This demand is made effective through a strategic use of the human, technical and financial resources the company has.





Collaborative work among the company staff and the synergy between the departmental and the interdepartmental teams are essential to outline the company’s vision.

Effective communication

Loyalty, meeting commitments and a good internal-external communication are essential if we want to achieve efficient team work together with technological advances that will help our brand to gain a good position and also, its expansion to new markets.

Innovation and leadership

The use of advanced technology and teamwork brings about excellence and innovation to the company. 

Work quality

The aim is to provide products and services of excellence which make the company be market leaders, offering products and services that exceed our customers’ requirements.


To Anticipate, to create and to guide people in the working process is essential when trying to be leaders in innovation and development of products and services for the oil, gas and water industries.



The organization puts in a great deal of effort to find solutions that exceed customers’ expectations to guarantee sustained growth and the company’s expansion with investment plans in order to optimize the provided services.


Iinherent elements to the selling philosophy of TACKER®:



It refers to the effort made to be leaders in the markets the company has decided to compete in, offering customers products and services that ensure the best solutions available for them. 



It is the essence of every operation.
Quality is seen in the products and services we offer and also in the technical department as well as in the management team, the facilities, the strategic location, our tools and devices.
Tacker is a distinguished company, run by a skilled team that provides excellent services and products.



It is the company spirit. Tacker is committed to continuously innovate and provide solutions to the current demands of its customers. The aim of the company is to be at the forefront of the market that sells tools and provides services for the oil and gas industry. Customers are always informed about the latest innovations.


The company works taking into account the deepest meaning of the term VALUE because

  • We work with excellence when we commit to all our businesses trying to be efficient as a team.
  • We have a proactive attitude and we watch over the safety and integrity of our products.
  • We consider all the time customers spend looking for the right products and services hoping for their needs to be met.

Philosophy about our assets

The company knows that long term success depends on having a strategy that can be applied to tangible and intangible assets.
The concepts of superiority, quality and innovation will be applied to all Tacker assets.
Consequently, we will put a lot of effort in keeping the machinery and facilities in optimal operative conditions in order to prevent occupational and productive risks.

The company’s priorities to grow are established following a hierarchy of values:

  • To improve the company’s position in a competitive way in the markets it operates.
  • To expand towards promising markets with our products and services
  • To develop new strategies, bearing in mind the contexts in which the company operates.