About us

TACKER S.R.L. is an Argentine company, whose business activity is based on providing services, developing new products, manufacturing, and hiring and selling tools and rigs for the oil, gas, and water industries.

The company, founded in 1992, provides services using its own technology and tool design. Ever since its foundation, TACKER has had a Design and Development Department committed to satisfy both internal and external needs. This feature enables us to be at the forefront of technology in the continuously changing and expanding oil and gas industries.

In 2001, TACKER incorporates a rig-and-tool machining workshop and assembly due to the increasing needs related to the search for technological solutions related to the development of prototypes and the permanent quality improvement. In this way, the company expands towards new product lines such as completion tools, liner hangers, among others, and towards new international markets like Venezuela, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico.



Corporate activities: service provision, development of special services and products, manufacturing, products and rigs hire and sale for the oil, gas and water industries.

  • Services: water filtration systems, equipment hire, tool manufacture, special developments and operations in oil fields.
  • Products: tools and rigs.
  • Customers: Oil operating companies and oil field service companies.
  • Design and development technologies: Engineering, Design, and Development Department.
  • Manufacturing technology: Machining and assembly workshop.
  • Technology in services provision and products for sale with tools of our own design and manufacture.
  • Technology in the distribution of products and services: Operations bases established in the most important oil and gas areas.



We seek to continuously find, generate, and provide solutions for the oil and gas market by offering products and services that exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Corporate Policy

We work towards the continued existence of the company through its integration into the context in which it is immersed. For this purpose, we permanently seek to satisfy both internal and external needs -real and potential- offering high quality products and services, so that we can fulfill our commitments by satisfying, or exceeding, our customers’ needs and expectations.

We endeavor to be innovative and to be always in the forefront of the oil and gas industries throughout its constant evolution. Our company is managed in such a way that it is seen by the community as successful institution.



TACKER S.R.L. is an Argentine company whose business activity is based on providing services, developing new products, manufacturing, and hiring and selling tools and rigs for the oil, gas, and water industries. We aim at contributing with solutions to the market and, simultaneously, we intend to constitute ourselves as leaders in research and development of new products and services.

We are committed to remain faithful to an integral policy based on the permanent improvement of our Integrated Management System. In this context, we observe the following principles:

Satisfy our customers’ needs by providing tools and services which meet their specific requirements.

2. Comply with the active legislation, regulations, and other subscribed requirements applicable to TACKER S.R.L. in environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations.

3. Prevent pollution and occupational hazards, identifying, minimizing and evaluating adverse impacts to personnel, property, and environment.

4. Provide the necessary resources to implement, sustain, and communicate this policy to the company including the interested parts.

5. Establish objectives and measurable goals regarding Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, considering this policy.

6. Motivate, train and make all the personnel become aware of the objectives and goals proposed, with emphasis on customers’ requirements satisfaction while increasing productivity, efficiency, and optimizing results. The company undertakes compliance of this policy at all levels of the organization by establishing, maintaining, and improving the integrated Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety Systems.

ISO 9001 ANAB 2008 ISO 9001 OAA 2008 ISO 9001 UKAS 2008 QHSE



The organization focuses its efforts towards the customers’ satisfaction and on getting a clear idea about the products and services the customers need.Quality is the essence of our operations

Quality is perceived mainly in the products and services offered, although the concept also applies to the technical team and management of the company, the installations, its strategic location, and the tools and devices. Our customers know we are a qualified company, led by skilled people who sell optimum products and provide first-class services.

Innovation is the core of our business and we constantly focus on the search for solutions to satisfy our customers. Our company aims to provide state-of-the-art tools and services to the oil and gas industries. Independently from any specific category of products and services, customers will always be updated with the latest innovations produced. We seek to give our customers the maximum benefit when they buy our products or request our services. We strive for a low cost production regarding structure and operational costs, as we are aware of the fact that these costs are inexorably reflected in the prices paid by our customers.

Moreover, we consider the deepest sense of the term value. We keep in mind the time spent by customers in locating products and services or waiting for their needs to be satisfied.

The company recognizes that long-term success depends, in a crucial manner, on a sensible strategy applicable both to our tangible and intangible assets.
Preponderance, quality and innovation are terms that illustrate our assets. Therefore, we keep our facilities and assets in their highest operation conditions. The steadiness and quality of the company financial performance will be reflected through a productive execution the works in progress and in the development of new ones. Following a hierarchy of values, our growth priorities are the following:

  • To improve our location within the markets we operate.
  • To expand our business towards promising and feasible markets.
  • To develop new internal strategies.